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Pain on Top of Foot near Toes – Morton’s Neuroma?

Having Pain on Top of Foot near Toes?

This condition Pain on Top of Foot near Toes is often refered to as  a Morton’s Neuroma. It is very important you do not ignore the pain, as you’ll soon read.

Pain on Top of Foot near Toes

Pain on Top of Foot near Toes image

Why is Pain on Top of Foot near Toes so important?

Pain on top of foot near toes is not only very annoying, it may aslo be  serious enough that conventional treatment alone does not work.

That is, general footwear advice and orthotics may not help relieve the pain, leading to far more dangerous interventions such as surgery.

Obviously surgery caries a much higher risk with the possibility of the surgeon accidentally damaging the normal tissue in the area, such as tendons or muscles.

What are the causes of pain on top of foot near toes?

There are not surprisingly many causes of pain on top of the foot near toes, these include;

  • increase in recent activity, the extra weight bearing is often enough a large contributer to the tissue damaging or swelling.
  • an increase in the duration of weight bearing – as fatigued or tired tissues will damage easier.
  • change of footwear can cause pain on top of foot near toes simply by squeezing the toes together and aggravte the nerve.
  • injury directly to the area can cause swelling, increase in pressure and therefore affect the nerve and surrounding tissue.
  • forefoot mis alignment i.e non flat alignment will lead to constant shearing forces in the forefoot bones and greatly increase tissue pressures and therefore increase likelihood of pain.
  • increase in body weight – obviously this results in more pressure and stress around the forefoot and therefore pain on top of foot near toes is understandable.
  • training and/or walking surface can also take it’s toll on the toes and cause pain, as hard surfaces and/or cambre of the pavement/road can increase foot pressures and create more twisting forces.

How do i know if Pain on Top of Foot near Toes is serious?

To be fair, any pain on top of foot should be taken seriously.

This particular type of pain (neural) can be particularly hard to deal with as time goes on, as tissues adapt and in this case, change for the worse.

Like skin the nerve can enlarge and sadly lead to further trouble, such as greater frequency, duration and importantly intensity of pain.

So what treatments help pain on top of foot near toes?

It really depends on the individual. For example, if they have just started to get the pain and it can be linked to a certain pair of shoes (such as high heel) or activity (such as skipping), then it may be easy enough to stay away from those and the foot often recovers well.

However if the foot is very unstable from over pronation and likely to deteriorate, it is often a good idea to reduce the pronation with orthotic innersoles.

This also reduces forefoot and midfoot pressure by spreading the load through out the whole foot vs heel and forefoot, thereby reducing the lengthening forces around midfoot etc.

Appropriate footwear with forefoot cushioning and midfoot support very often reduces the pain and leads to very happy feet.

Surgery is always an option but reserved for the worst cases. Generally only considered when conservative (non surgical) care fails.

The surgeon will often give you the pros and cons of the surgery and the decision should be well thought out as scare tissue etc can leave permanent damage.





  1. Nice post, the pain on top of my foot near the toes is slowly getting better, thanks for the email earlier also, cheers

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