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Pain On Top Of Foot Near Little Toe

Are you noticing pain on top of foot near little toe?

Most of the time, pain on top of foot near little toe is attributed to a corn.Pain on Top of Foot near little Toe

A corn is essentially a build up of hard skin.

They may get very deep and compress the nerve that runs along the top and outside of the little toe.

If the corn is left long enough, it may cause scare tissue in the area – Something that may be permanent.

In these cases  they can be very difficult to alleviate, therefore it is crucial to not allow them to get too deep and painful in the first place.

Another important thing is to get them treated accordingly.

That is, a general scrub of the hard skin with something like a foot file may actually make the pain on top of foot near little toe worse!

How is that you ask?

Well, as skin grows relative to inflammation and pressure, when you rum the area strongly with a weak foot file or pumice stone you are actually causing a deep seated inflammation that will create more skin growth.

To be fair you will initially see good results by removing the top layers, however given a skin cycle is approx four weeks normally, and 2-3 when inflamed, you’ll notice in no time hard thicker skin where you were rubbing.

Interestingly enough, if you were not to wear shoes or irritate the toe for long enough, and the inflammation calmed right down, believe it or not, the corn would actually start to shrink and disappear altogether.

So it goes without saying that pain top of foot and pain on top of foot near little toe in particular, can often be sorted by not wearing shoes altogether.

Unfortunately most of the time we have to wear shoes – whether it be for work, sport or going out.

So it is important we come up with some practical options to try and relieve the pain in that little toe, or toes as it may be.

How do you treat pain on top of foot near little toe?

As mentioned already, due to the skin growing relative to inflammation and pressure, we need to spread that pressure around the rest of the foot.

This can be achieved by a change in the shape of shoes you use, such as something a little more square or wider.

That said sometimes a shoe too wide can cause your forefoot to slip and bash the side of the shoe which is just as bad!

It is important that you feel relatively less pressure on the little toe next time you try on shoes.

Sometimes I tell my patients at Chiropodist in London, the best time to go shoe shopping is when the toe is very sore, then choose the shoes that hurt the toe the least.