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Pain Top Of Foot – Common Causes and Treatments

Suffering from Pain Top Of Foot?

Pain On Top Of Foot AnatomyPain on Top of the Foot has to be one of the most common complaints I see as a Podiatrist.

There are various sites across the foot which may cause your pain top of foot,

not to mention many different structures affected also.

As you can see illustrated there are numerous tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones.

Pain can arise from any one of these structures, as well as skin and bone.

This website aims to address all possible concerns you may have in regards to pain top of foot.

The signs and symptoms range from minor niggles to full-blown ligament or tendon rupture, even bone cancer!

For the purposes of navigating around the site, it is divided up into areas which include:

Each page contains the generic information such as signs and symptoms, causes, and treatments.

The blog has many interesting articles on more specific scenarios such as top of foot pain while running.

Should you have any questions about your own pain top of foot then feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.

Various foot pain like toe and heel pains are very common and often only last a matter of days.

However when it comes to pain top of foot, things can be considerably different.

For example, they can be very painful.

Sometimes a very sharp deep pain can occur.

These types of pains may not subside easily.

So, What really causes pain top of foot?

1) Mid-tarsal fault. This causes pain top of foot at the arch of the foot. It’s caused by overuse or over-straining of the mid-foot’s bones, of which consist of the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and firth metatarsals.

This often results in flat feet (otherwise known as fallen arches).

2) Meta-tarsal stress fractures. This kind of damage is often characterized by pain around the metatarsal bones as mentioned above.

Constant or repetitive low levels of stress (such as distance running) or sudden large amounts of stress (like falling off a ladder) on the metatarsal bones can cause tiny cracks to run through them. This kind of damage to the foot is referred to as meta-tarsal stress fractures or stress reaction/fatigue syndromes.

3) Nerve entrapment within top of the foot. Entrapped nerves can also cause pain top of foot.

Trapped nerve implies the nerve path is under some pressure – such as when wearing a tight shoe – or it can be a nerve pinched inside a joint like the ones seen throughout the arch of the foot. The nature of the pain varies greatly between individuals and according to the exact circumstances of the entrapment, that is, deep and painful or very slight.

4) Ganglion cyst can also cause pain top of foot. Ganglion cysts are little tissue masses that sometimes from near joints when they are damaged or being overstressed. It isn’t the cyst itself that’s the origin of the pain; but the pressure it puts on the surrounding tissue such as the tendons, muscles or nerves.

5) Superficial phlebitis which means “inflammation of surface vein”. Superficial phlebitis and superficial thrombosis (inflammation caused by a blood clot blocking the vein). These conditions can lead to more serious and sometimes life threatening concerns, it’s naturally recommended that anyone suffering from phlebitis should see a specialist and doctor as soon as possible.

What you can do at home to reduce pain top of foot:

There is a very popular and effective short-term method for top of foot pain; it’s called “RICE”.

This stands for Rest- Ice- Compression and Elevation.

This is very simple and straightforward, yet highly effective and safe (as long as the ice isn’t applied for too long).

So how does this therapy work?

Well, the ice serves to subside inflammation and swelling while also numbing pain.

The elevation and compression help the circulation and prevents fluid build-up.

Obviously if there is any major concern and you find it very hard to walk etc, it is advised to seek medical attention immediately.

What can you do to keep from getting pain top of foot?

There are unfortunately so many causes of foot pain, some of which mentioned above. There are even more available treatments available to stop it from happening again – most of which this website is designed to help with.

Some very common ones I’ll mention below, however feel free to visit the Blog for some others.

If you are often wearing high-heeled shoes, try wearing them only occasionally or if possible, not at all.

Preferably, keep the height of the heel below 2 inches – any height above this places huge amounts of strain on the anterior tendons of the foot and lower leg.

When you purchase your shoes in future, make sure they fit your feet correctly.

Ideally, get activity specific footwear, for example, walking shoes are not meant to be used for running in.

Be sure to maintain your feet. Keep an eye on the skin and trim toenails regularly. In most cases cut them right across, this prevents the nails from growing in at the corners.

Those are only a few tips to avoid pain on top of foot, there’s plenty more available on the following pages.

Generally speaking, as a Podiatrist/Chiropodist, the more you find out the better, however if there is anything  you are concerned with, feel free to get hold of us.

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